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The Dance With Life Approach for
Mindful and Inspired Movement in your Life and Work

 “When you learn to trust and follow your own lead on the dance floor of life, you find great freedom. Infinite possibilities to be inspired and create what you desire will be yours. How will you choose to dance with life?” – Jen Earls

When you’re stuck, it’s hard to see a way forward because the same stories, playing over and over again in your head, lead to the same unfulfilling patterns and outcomes. That’s why along with traditional career and life assessments, I engage mindful, creative, and movement modalities, exercises, and tools designed to help you go deep and connect with your inner vision, motivation, and direction. Practices like mindfulness, meditation, reflective visualization, authentic movement, and creative writing provide the invaluable insights you need to take authentic steps forward to create what you want in your outer world.

Mindfulness and creativity coupled with wise, practical action are your gateways to freedom. When you’re present, you can tune into your deeper desires, recognize patterns that keep you stuck, and move beyond fear, frustration, and uncertainty. This makes it possible for you to tap into your creativity, envision fresh possibilities, take aligned action, and finally move forward with confidence in a career and life direction that deeply resonates with you!

Career & Life Coaching

You’ve followed all “the right steps” in school and work.
Yet you’re still not happy. In fact, you’re wondering, “Is this it? Is this all there is?

You’re not alone. I’ve been there, feeling stuck and not sure what to do.
But I made it through to a career and life I absolutely love. And so can you!

If you believe more is possible for you in your life and career, this means that liberation is right around the corner for you. It means you’re ready to shift, grow, evolve, and really master your path.

You’ve got to be willing to reach out though, which is the first brave step towards transformation. And I promise I’ll be there every step of the way forward to facilitate the process and serve as your guide, so you can truly become a co-creator of a new, vibrant career and life reality for yourself.

It’s time to stop keeping yourself small. Invest in yourself so you can connect with your unique essence and become your own creator. Get really clear on what is a “yes” for you and what is a “no”
so you can truly move forward and thrive in your life and work.

I’m ready to partner with you on the dance floor of life. All you need to do is lean in and show up, and together we’ll work in a multi-dimensional, collaborative, and fun way that provides relief, ease, and nourishment, as well as excitement about what’s possible for you! We’ll move and groove through the unknown together so you can find a career path and lifestyle that may be even more wonderful than you can imagine at this moment.

I’m here. I’m ready to provide you with the compassionate, supportive space, time, and process you need to become more of yourself, more whole, and to move forward in a career and life direction you love.
I won’t let you give up on yourself. You deserve this!
Let's dance!


Speaking & Group Facilitation


Looking for a totally new workshop or retreat to leave your group feeling refreshed and inspired? I offer unique, tailored programs for teams, staff, students, and events on creative visioning for life and work, mindfulness, and even movement and dance. This is the perfect way for your group to relax, focus, connect with the “why” and new possibilities, and cultivate mindful and creative career and life skills to move forward inspired. Going through this experience as a group is also an excellent team and community-building experience!

Below is a sampling of my previous clients and the workshops and retreats I’ve facilitated. I would be delighted to design a special workshop or retreat just for you and your group!

 Previous Offerings:
Creative Visioning, Mindfulness, and Movement for Purposeful Life and Work

Northeastern University Office of Alumni Relations (for alumni)
“Get Unstuck: A Mindful, Creative Approach to Discovering Your Career Direction”

University of Massachusetts at Amherst (for students)
“The Mindful Way to Figure Out What You Want to Do in Life and How To Impact Our World”

Tufts University Career Center (for students)
“Hack Your Mind: Unlock Your Potential – Conquering Stress and Uncertainty in the Job Search with Mindfulness”

University of Virginia and UNC Chapel Hill career centers (for Career Counselors)
“Contemplative Career Counseling: Using Mindfulness to Enrich the Counselor-Client Relationship”

Move, Breathe, Explore (for women’s retreat participants)
“Work With Purpose” and “Move Your Way to Meaningful Work”